Iselin Mork

Wellness Advocate


Hello, my name is Iselin.

I am a Norwegian wellness entrepreneur, who also doubles as a yoga teacher and actress.

I'm the host of On point podcast, talking about all things personal development, wellbeing & spirituality.

I am a self proclaimed spirit junkie and essential oil obsessed.

A believer in magic 'cause you are it right?!

I am responding to the call of my soul. Sharing the healing magic of natures precious oils.

My specialty lies in how to teach emotional healing with essential oils. 

By purchasing the oils through me, you'll get access to my teachings

along with other experts in the wellness field. 

By taking care of yourself, you are taking care of the world. We are a part of nature.

When we relearn to trust ourselves, our bodies and the wisdom of nature

we move towards more harmony, hence the choice of the name armonia,

which means harmony in Italian.

The name is in honor of my second home Italy, where I have lived for over a decade. 

If you are into becoming the best version of yourself, by taking excellent care of yourself. 

You are welcome to join a wellness revolution.

By filling our cup and taking care of ourselves,

 we can truly show up as who we really are and shine our light brightly.

When we take care for ourselves, we care for mother earth. 

As a yoga teacher I am is certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, Restore + Nidra.

I teach oil essential oil classes, aromayoga and offer aromatouch treatments at Armonia Terapi.

Read more about yoga & essential oils here.

Or check out my personal website:

No: Jeg har som yogalærer benyttet meg av eteriske oljer i flere år, men har merket enorm kvalitetsforskjell.

Det er virkelig en "doTERRA difference" og jeg jobber nå som veileder i bruken av eteriske oljer.

Ta kontakt for en konsultasjon, oljeklasse, aromayoga eller aromatouch behandling hos Armonia Terapi.

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