Yoga & Essential oils

to create harmony in body, mind and spirit

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Yoga collection

Yoga and meditation practice provide ​both ​subtle​ and overt​ ​advantages ​for ​your​ ​health​; Essential ​O​ils ​offer potent ​physical and emotional ​support. ​Combined​, these tools offer comprehensive ​benefits for ​your ​vitality and longevity.

​Learn to use yoga​, ​meditation and ​essential ​o​ils ​together ​for​ your overall wellness, and ways to incorporate each into your daily life.

The yoga collection from doTERRA created in partnership with  world renounced yoga teacher Elena Brower is the perfect companion on the mat. Arise: the uplifting aroma sets a positive tone for the day. Align is harmonizing, perfect for practice and steady progress.The floral aroma of Anchor grounds you to the moment, to your body and the earth. 

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There really is a doterra difference, as proven by independent testing and we are proud to advocate for the purity and therapeutic qualities of these oils. We hope to inspire you on your journey with essential oils. Join our growing community to deepen your knowledge of essential oils as a member of armonia-essentials you get free access to training sessions and oil classes with Elena as well. 


Listen to Elena talk about the collection and other blends perfect for your yoga practice here.

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You are a part of nature

This is my prayer to be at home with myself

The practice of yoga is a journey of remembering your true essence.

This road back home to yourself is a sacred one.

With the help of essential oils you can enhance your practice and help move stagnant energy as you open your heart and mind.

Essential oils is essentially plantmedicine that holds the potential to open your consciousness to new levels of being. 

Part of unlocking our potential is emotional healing.

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